Monday, October 8, 2012

Helped Along by Gary & Ron and the Random Song of the Day

While watching the playoffs the last few years, it has been nice to hear Ron on the national stage with TBS. I had no idea, however, until listening to the first Reds Giants game on ESPN Radio that our Gary Cohen does playoff-play-by-play. It is nice to have that familiar home run call, albeit without the Orange and Blue attached. While I watch and listen to the playoffs, thinking hard about how the Mets could get closer to what those teams are doing with their rosters, it's nice to have old friends help me weather the storm that is an early off-season.

Would we ever hear Keith in October?

Yeah, I'm sure he's enjoyin' sittin' back and watchin' this stuff at home along with us. 
Here's the Random Song of the Day.

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