Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Former Sam Maxwell and the Random Song of the Day

I'm driving up to Rochester with my dad for the holiday to visit my sister and her family (just to make it clear, I have 3 older sisters on my dad's side and the younger sis who you've seen on this blog on my mom's side.) 

Every once in a while, my dad will email me photos of myself in my former fandom with the subject line, "NEVER FORGET!!!" I thought I'd share a couple of those photos today.

I was 14 and we were both visiting Cooperstown for the first time in our lives. Here, we were at one of those novelty places along the main strip where you can dress up and pose in retro jerseys (and I mean seriously retro. Those were 100% wool. I never understood why anyone EVER played baseball in the dead of summer in wool.)

Man, I was a skinny, awkward kid (I have kept the awkward, whereas I have left the overly skinny and the navy pinstripes behind.) This is my dad's favorite. He keeps the photo in a frame next to his kitchen sink upstate. I like the Brooklyn Bridge part...

No offense to my dad, but I certainly think I look snazzier in the Orange and Blue.

Here's the Random Song of the Day.


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