Sunday, September 9, 2012

Another Meaningful Loss and the Random Song of the Day

This is unprecedented. I have combined yesterday's game recap, a game that not even nature could put out of its misery, with the Random Song of the Day. Normally, the song would be telling of what I feel about the game by the end of it. But I felt nothing (and I'm not about to put that song, "Nothing" from Chorus Line up here.)

I started the game 2 hours late (Kevin?! Is that you?!) And at some point, I started fast-forwarding, since it was currently raining and I wanted to see whether they'd make it to the 5th. They did. And they shut down play in the 7th. I thought it was for sure over. I fast-forwarded through the Dodgers-Giants game to get official confirmation that Flushing had been Flushed out. By the time they were ready to start play again, I was live.

Seriously? You umps don't want to go home already?

Jeurys Familia got a little experience failing in The Show. The only redeeming quality of them finishing that game. That is certainly meaningful.

And seeing all the die-hards still there. That's awesome. Reminded me of that San Diego game back in May.

Here's the Random Song of the Day.


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