Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Clinch Unto Itself and the Random Song of the Day

Last night, the Mets not only Dramatically Endured Without Yielding, but also clinched 4th place. Though the Marlins won as well, the Mets are now 6 ahead with 5 to play. Why should any of us celebrate? Well, it is always nice to see the Marlins be less than us, especially in their newly-formed incarnate.  But back last November, at a job I used to have, a Yankee Fan co-worker who I talked baseball and movies with was egging me on that the Marlins were gonna get Reyes and that the Mets were gonna sit in last place. 

"I still think something can be worked out. But even if the Marlins got Reyes, they'd still be worse than the Mets."

"Dude, THERE'S NO WAY!!! With all the moves they're making?!"

"I'm telling you man, you'd be surprised how good the Mets will be."

"I will bet you right now that the Marlins will be better than the Mets."

"Alright, sure. How much?"

"5,000 dollars."

"What?! That's outlandish."

"Alright. $100."

"Hundy. Sure."

And we shook.

Then, one day, Jose Reyes Grew Fins.

And one day, the Mets finished better than the Marlins.

And I was right. You'd be surprised how well the Mets can play.

And you would be surprised by how awful they can look as well, going deeper and deeper, game after game, than you ever thought they could go after seeing how deep they had already gone since 1962.

But alas, my prophecy has come true.

The money sure doesn't matter (well, yeah it does, but still). What matters is that the Mets were better in record than the Marlins. And it would have been a shame had they dropped that as well, because THEY WERE better than the Marlins in every facet of the game.

And I look forward to that being the case in the future.

Here's the Random Song of the Day.


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