Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"This game got awesome quick."

Tuesday's Mets Phillies game had many different places in my consciousness throughout its time on the air. I started out on the At Bat at my cousin's birthday dinner, which would sound rude, but my family's all Mets Fans (it's probably still a little rude.) They did appreciate the little updates, however. As the game got underway, I was discussing the Mets with my uncle, who has the sentiment that he can't stand to watch the Mets lose games the way they've been losing games, how he's put away all his Met gear and is all about the Giants now and how it's disgusting to hear them say they're aiming for 3rd place. I explained to him my point of view, how things are getting better, we're discovering a lot about each player on the team and it's great time for evaluation. I said to him that he should stop reading Joel Sherman and the New York Post, and he said he forms his own thoughts. I'm sure this is a cliché conversation happening between Met fans of all shapes and sizes all around this great land of ours...

But I digress. (We certainly both agree about Josh Thole.)

It was nice to see the Mets score so quickly in the 1st, but it being At Bat I didn't realize the controversy surrounding the 1st run of the ball game (not exactly controversy since the catcher clearly didn't have control of the ball.) If I had a better phone I probably would have been able to watch the highlight later, but I don't have a better phone (If I'm not careful, I'm going to digress, I'll calm myself down and not go on a phone technology rant.) As the actions unfolded in the bottom of the 1st, I had a feeling Ryan Howard would hit a grand slam. I don't know if I straight-up thought it would be a grand slam or a bases clearing double or what, but I had a feeling Howard's at bat would not go the Chris Young and the Mets' way.

By the time entrées were served, Mike Baxter was sending his 1st home run of the year into the right field stands, and by the time we were ready for the check, David Wright had tied it with a sac fly. Everyone was heading back to my mom's house, but I got a head start with my little sister. It was close to her bed time and I had not felt well the entire dinner having run into an allergy attack earlier (another moment for thought-process-digression, but I'll hold steady.) I walked into the place, she went to brush her teeth and I turned on the TV. It was a commercial break, and from the last moment I had looked at the At Bat App, this could only mean one thing. So I took one more look before shutting the app down, and Chase Utley's homer typed across my phone screen. Chris Young is done.

My girlfriend and I got back to Queens and I climbed into bed for the remainder of the game, still feeling too sniffly. Kelly Shoppach has certainly gotten on my good side the past few days, and I look forward to him continuing to tie up ball games and block home plates. I dozed off a bit in the top of the 9th, and was pleasantly surprised to see Bobby Parnell have a 1-2-3 9th inning (Shoppach?) I stayed lying down until it all went down against BJ Rosenberg in the top of the 10th. Wright knows how to fight it off and bloop it, Ike getting back to hitting breaking pitches the other way, barreling through 3rd base coach's stop signs when The Duda gets his 1st hit since arriving back from Buffalo (I love to see The Duda slap one the other way over short), and Shoppach just destroying a 1st pitch fastball. This all got me sitting up, and for some reason curious as to what the Twitter world was saying.

When it was all said and done, I called my uncle to see if him and my aunt were home and to see if he knew how it ended. He was happy to hear of the final, and from there, we continued our earlier Metsian Conversation.

Finally, around 11:30, my sinuses and I went to sleep.


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