Thursday, August 23, 2012

Finding the Positives in the Negative Sea

This game actually had my eyes on it till the 5th inning. Once I left the TV behind and had only my At Bat App to inform me, the usual words that all sum up the same thing spilled across the screen. But what keeps popping into my head isn't the fact the Mets keep playing the exact same song, it's that there are some awesome new notes in it to freshen up our ears.

Matt Harvey is awesome. It sucks that he didn't get the support he deserved to win that start, but man, at least we don't have to deal with Scott Boras for this one till at least a couple years from now when we hopefully talk of an extension. There was a fastball he struck Carlos Gonzalez out on that tailed to the right at the very last second. It was a beautiful thing to watch on the close-up replay. There was nothing CarGo could do with it. Fantastic stuff. When he is on like he was last night, he is certainly hard to hit. Too bad we couldn't get him a Dubbya.

I am heading to the Citi today for what I hope is the Mets' offensive breakthrough (good luck with aaaalllll that, right?) But there is something to look forward to, as another rookie makes his Major League Debut. Collin McHugh has been very consistent in his Minor League season split between AA and AAA (and also writes this fascinating blog). Word is he profiles like Dillon Gee, with four solid pitches but not one that blows you away. Hopefully, the adrenaline he has when he takes that Flushing Mound translates into outs by Rockie Batters.

'Cause let's face it. The pitching ain't what we need to worry about right now.


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