Sunday, August 26, 2012

Breaking the Ice

After completely clobbering the ball in the 4th for the 1st run of the game, Ike just got it into the "Thank you for making it more rational" Mo's Zone for his 2nd HR of the day and the walk-off win. Hefner was fantastic, and got burned in the 9th by unsound defense in the form of The Duda (where was the 9th inning defensive replacement?) But the left fielder finally Abided, working in cahoots with Kelly Shoppach to nail the poorly-sliding runner at the plate. Shoppach, who just didn't get anything on a throw to a runner stealing 2nd earlier in the 9th, blocked the plate the way you are supposed to block it.

"Reporter: Did you get hurt by the contact?
Shoppach: Are You kiddin' me? I love the contact."

Nice. (via Postgame Live)

Glad to see them pick up Parnell, who did a good job bouncing back after the he initiated the play at the dish.

Oh, yeah. And MURPH.

First home series win since we played Philly before the break.

First back-to-back wins since the San Francisco series.

Down the Turnpike and through Cherry Hill we go for a 3-gamer after a day off.

But until next pitch...

What a thrill.

I'm looking forward to that continuing.


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