Thursday, July 19, 2012

I am Ever The Optimist...

...But these last 6 games have been truly testing. I have nothing really to say about last night's 3-4 loss, other than how frustrated I am we didn't win the night before.

The Mets have rebounded from every disaster that's come their way, and maybe, for character's sake, they needed to be knocked back down to sea level to get to the promised land. This team will take us on a wild ride the next few months, but unfortunately this is part of that wild ride.

I truly believe this team is better than the other Mets teams that fell apart after the All-Star break. And I know I sound like a broken record saying it again.

It's time to stop making 2nd halves suck.

Weather the storm, right the ship, use every imaginable cliché there is.

'Cause right now...

In this very moment...

It's really hard to have to any Good Met Feeling.

(That song is my most pessimistic moment of this season....And I'm done. Got it out of my system. Great song, though. And I'm glad there's a day game.)


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