Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I sat there in a decked out sports bar called Standings, where every known team paraphernalia was hanging from the ceiling or plastered on the wall. The Mets had miraculously gone ahead on Jordany Valdespin's home run, only to see Bobby Parnell (who had thrown 8 straight breaking pitches on the outside part of the plate before throwing a fastball there to Danny Espinosa, who handled it like he was painting a Monet) blow the lead. Then, the Mets were given another shot when Josh Thole plated Daniel Murphy in the top half of the 10th, only to see Tim Byrdak and Pedro Beato completely destroy the lead in the bottom half. When it was all said and done, I wish I could only blame the offense's inability to get the tying run home from scoring position and none out early on. The Mets lost 4-5, in the most possible demoralizing way.

There's no point to 2nd guess decisions made here and there because it won't make a difference. What WILL make a difference is a competent bullpen arm. This team (sans 8 players) is clearly capable of winning ball games. It's not like we haven't had a chance to win at least 3 of the 5 games we've lost the last week. This team has not come this far to only see it completely washed away by a bullpen who can NEVER get the job done. 19 LOSSES!!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I understand nobody can just call up another team and say, "I WANT THIS GUY!!!" But we can't wait around for the trade market to develop to get somebody in here who can competently stop blowing left column number increases from our record. Sandy owes it the players who fight night in and night out, and he owes it to us fans who have truly bought into this team. Do something. Get some other guys in here. I can't keep watching the same guys blow it all the time. (I really like the idea of bringing Frankie Rodriguez back in here. We brought him here to help us win and last year we weren't in a position to win. NOW WE ARE. I know he can't be the one "savior" but I believe he can help us. Say what you want about the guy. And say what you want about how dicey he made it feel sometimes in that 9th. He's clearly a much better pitcher than anybody we have out there. And he shouldn't cost us more than mid-level prospects.)

This team should have won last night. TWICE. They should have won many nights. And I'm sick of saying they didn't when they should have.

The Mets desperately need to win the next 2 games. (Hell, they need to win the next several.) They look to even up the Nationals series tonight, when Chris Young takes on Jordan Zimmermann at 7:05PM.



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