Sunday, June 24, 2012

...And The Chickens Peck Back.

The Mets were prime to set up for a possible subway series sweep, but things unraveled very quickly in the 7th inning and soon enough, the fowl were hitting them fair. Some late inning stranded runners and one fly ball that settled in a few feet too far led the Mets to a 3-4 loss, setting up for one of the most anticipated rubber game match-ups in a long, long time, with the Zen Knuckler Robert Allen Dickey taking on the Zenpaw, Carsten Charles Sabathia.

Things were perfect early. Things were just zipping right by. And how could you argue with leaving Chris Young in? He was doing great, had a few starts behind him and ended up driving in the 3rd run. Sure, you could have pinch-hit for him and gotten even more runs, but that's no guarantee either. And Chris Young will tell you, it's his fault. You have to be real careful in every sequence of pitches against that Yankee team. And Young wasn't helped by The Duda not abiding. Any other right fielder and there's 1 on and 1 out. But what are you gonna do? He'll learn and will read the ball better next time. Props to Chris Young for battling like that.

Jon Rauch. Josh Thole. Why are you calling for any high fastball against a homer hitting Yankee team? I don't care how outside it is. Do you remember Eric Chavez? He's the Moneyball 3rd baseman. He was one of the best 3rd baseman in the game until injuries took their toll. And now he backs up A-rod. Select better next time.

That was quite the opposite field jack for Captain James Tiberius Kirk Nieuwenhuis. Nasty sinking fastball on the opposite side of the zone. He impresses me more and more every day. He does need to cut down on his strike outs. But he is quite the hitter.

It seems the difference between winning and losing for this team is getting those 2-out clutch hits. I mean, I know that can be said for every team but especially this 2012 New York Mets team. And of course, a bullpen that doesn't blow it.

I haven't anticipated a game like the one I am going to tonight in a long, long time. I cannot remember the last time I experienced Dickey pitch, but I don't believe it was on this crazy run. I was in Coney Island the night of the Baltimore 1-hitter, so I didn't witness that. Obviously every single last one of us wants to see him completely shut down the Yankees the way he's been shutting down every single batter he's faced recently. And you know what? I know RA Dickey is up to the challenge. I believe the Mets are up to the challenge. And I can't wait for 8:05PM.


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