Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Sight of a Loss from the Base of Luxury

From the Delta Sky seats behind home plate, we watched Ike boot a ball, Byrdak walk a batter and Rauch provide no relief as the Mets 4-2 lead was flipped into a 4-5 deficit, resulting in the their 13th loss of the year and bringing them back to the mark of .500 baseball.

Dillon Gee and his Goatee were fantastic out there, having great control of their breaking pitches and making their 91-92 mph fastball that much more effective (uh, maybe I should stop referring to the goatee as if it's another being...) The only blemish on his record was when we all got Cody Ransomed in the 2nd inning. That ball looked absolutely crushed from where we were seated, but luckily Gee settled down and pitched a very solid game. Too bad the bullpen couldn't do the same.

The bullpen has been the weakest link in our pitching lately, and Jon Rauch has been the best of it out there. It is unfortunate that the only one who has been giving us any consistency is the one to take the loss. Tim Byrdak had been solid before he hung one to "Mr. Rockie" Todd Helton last Sunday, and he came out of the 'pen tonight needing to not walk the first batter he faced, which, of course, is exactly what he did. The scene was not set appropriately for Rauch, but that's not the nature of a reliever's job, and the Dbacks were able to hit the ball squarely off of him. On the way out of the park, I saw a stat on SNY that said the bullpen has given up 24 runs in their last 25 innings of work, and while that is a little blown up by the 9-18 loss in Denver, they still are horrendous numbers to view. With a young core of position players, we will not be able to afford a shoddy bullpen again this year. Get. It. Together.

After looking as if he had come out of his slump on the road trip, Ike Davis was all out of sorts this evening. The ball he booted in the 8th he makes 9 times out of 10. This time, however, it was gotten to sloppily and he appeared to give the play no effort, words I have never uttered in the same sentence with Ike Davis. In the bottom of the inning, with Jordany Valdespin at 1st having pinch-run for a Lucas Duda walk, Ike swung and missed a pitch I saw him slap the other way plenty of times when he is in the right state of hitting. His swing is so long right now, however, that the bat has no choice but to miss the ball. It is very frustrating to watch right now knowing how good Ike can be.

In regards to sitting in the Delta Sky 360 Club, the luxury is addicting, with cushioned seats and the food service provided without missing a pitch, as well as the restaurant access (which we did not take advantage of this time around.) I had never seen a Major League Baseball game from that angle before and I was very happy to do so (big props to my girlfriend for surprising me with these tickets.) I look forward to our next excursion down to the Club, which will most likely not come immediately hereafter.

The Mets try to throw a win into their left column as well as that of Johan Santana today against DBacks spot-starter Patrick Corbin. Game time is 4:05 PM on Fox 5. Let's get back on track.


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