Saturday, April 21, 2012

Why Do We Always Lose 1-run Games in Extra Innings to those Stinkin' Giants?!

The Mets lost an excruciating one in 10 innings to the San Francisco Giants 3-4. I was at this game with my girlfriend and my dad, and it was a good one, albeit a very frustrating one.

I have to thank my friend from Tranquillity Camp who works for the Mets for hooking me up with some amazing upgraded seats. Thanks, buddy.

For now, however, I have an early morning where my friend and I are moving furniture for family. So, after a long night of excruciatingly solid, frustratingly awful, emotionally draining baseball, I go off into my slumber, to return again in the early morrow (I'm sorry. It's actually today. Jeez.)

Good Morning.

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