Sunday, April 22, 2012

Through the Static, Another 1-run Game Between the Mets and the Giants

Yesterday, a friend and I helped family bring a couch to an upstate house. With the furniture sticking out of the unfortunately undersized U-Haul on the New York State Thruway, I had the game going on my At-Bat App through the Bluetooth of the car. Frank Francisco kept getting behind batters in the 9th inning with a 4-1 lead, and along with Met fans listening and watching all over, Terry Collins grew tired of the act and went to Jon Rauch to truly close it out. With the score 4-2 and two on, I heard Howie Rose tell me of a ball popped up in the Bermuda Triangle of fielders. Ruben Tejada went back, Daniel Murphy went back, Kirk Nieuwenhuis came forward. Ruben couldn't situate himself and Kirk called him off at the last second, only to overshoot the ball, allowing the 2 base runners to score for a 4-4 tie. I sat there shaking my head while making sure I didn't let the emotions get the best of me while driving. Are we really on our way to another Mets Giants extra-inning game?

We got off the highway to get onto a route, making our way into the mountains 20 minutes south of Albany near Coxsackie. As the Mets were threatening in the 9th inning, the At Bat lost coverage, and I scrambled to see if the 660 frequency was picked up at all out there. The static was louder than Howie, but the man could still be heard, though slightly. We turned off the Route onto the backroads of the country, and Howie's voice went in and out, out and in, the static growing louder and quieter, quieter and louder. Through the rolling, hilly roads, we climbed and climbed, and all of a sudden I hear Howie go, "...And the Mets win the game 5-4. We'll be right back to recap the events. This is the WFAN Mets radio network." Uh...Ok. That's great. How'd that go down? I switched back over to see if At Bat was working, knowing it is usually about a minute behind the real feed. Sure enough, it was back on, and Past-Howie informed me of the Buster Posey throw down the right-field line, allowing Ruben Tejada to score for a 5-4 Mets win.

Well, that's awesome.

Let's move this couch.

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