Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Signature From Ike to Go With a Great Night

In my first visit to beautiful Coors Field for a Mets game, the Orange and Blue pulled off a solid 7-5 victory to tie the series at 1 game apiece.

The even cooler part of the night was the signature you see there on my girlfriend's jersey from a certain Ike Davis outside the ballpark. AWESOME!!!!!

Speaking of Ike, the man looked as if he might be on his way out of this massive slump. He went 1 for 4, but drove the ball with authority in every one of his at bats. That is a good sign he is seeing the ball better and, with luck, the baseballs will start dropping as soon as today. Buuuuuut....Jamie Moyer is not the pitcher you want to be facing as you try to break out of a slump.....I'm sure Ike will be fine, though. Especially now that he has met my girlfriend and myself.

Dillon Gee struggled throughout but also battled very nicely for a 7-inning, 4-run line. It perturbed me when he allowed the pitcher to hit a single on a 3-2 count, scoring the go-ahead run in the 4th inning, but other than that I was very impressed with how he handled himself in the mile-high city. On a night when we desperately needed length (and for the pitchers to not give up 18 runs) Dillon Gee delivered.

As did Tim Byrdak in the 8th. Carlos Gonzalez lined out to The Duda, Troy Tulowitzki grounded out to Ruben, and "Mr. Rockie" Todd Helton struck out swinging. Fantastic inning from The Byrd (do people call him that?)

Another solid night from the offense. David Wright, Daniel Murphy, Ruben Tejada and Lucas Duda all had multi-hit games, with two others collecting one hit apiece. I was most impressed with the team's ability to rally with 2 outs. We plated 4 runs with 2 outs on the board. Pet Peeve of mine when it happens against my team, big fan when it's my team that does the hitting (I know that's an obvious statement, but still.) Also, after starting out slowly, Mike Baxter has been hitting the ball solidly off the bench lately, and the run he scored on a wild pitch was clearly needed, with what we saw Friday night and the fact that Frank Francisco is just a little off right now. His fastball is hittable, and even on that last out of the 9th, the Rockies drove the baseball with authority in his inning of work. But, hey, a save is a save and a win is a win, right? Still, it is a little concerning.

We will close out the Mets part of our Colorado trip today at 1:10 PM local time, 3:10 PM New York time. Johan is on the mound for the Metropolitans, and, as I mentioned earlier, the Freak of Nature Jamie Moyer will start for the Rockies. Let's head to Houston with a series win, guys.


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