Friday, June 28, 2019

It's Groundhog Day...Again and Mets Daddy on A Metsian Podcast

I mean, what else can I say? I'll quote myself from the below A Metsian Podcast: "Well, It's Groundhog Day...again. It's almost a  feeling of Groundhog Day to continuously compare our fandom to that movie, but I'll tell you what? The next time I see Ned Ryerson, I'm going to punch him in the fucking face."

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After taking in a game Monday in Philly, my first of the year where I actually still had a good time despite the final, I, like all other Mets fans, just kept watching the same thing over and over again, as we've been doing so for day after day, month after month, and year after year. Today should have been a day of celebration, with Tom Seaver being honored at Citi Field with the main address of 126th Street being named 41 Seaver Way. Instead, just the fact it was this far into the life of Citi Field, and Tom Seaver himself can't even take it in because he now has dementia...that they were doing it 3 hours before starting their 4th and final game against the Phillies...yet again, the ineptitude of the Wilpons are front and center. And then all we're talking about later on in the day is once more how AWFUL the Wilpons have allowed this team to be with another blown save. Today should have been a day of celebration, but instead, it is once more a reminder how how far this team is from those glory days of yesteryear, as well as the glory days of only 4 years ago.

How do they expect to ever have consistent winning? There is nothing they can do to change the way this team keeps going through these peaks and valleys operating the way they continue to operate. I am exhausted talking about them, yet it is the only thing we can do because it is SO GLARINGLY this team's BIGGEST issue.

We had a lot of great rants on the 30th episode of A Metsian Podcast last night, and I urge you to tune into listen to Rich, Mike and John aka Mets Daddy, as well as I, rant, rave and holler about this gloriously awful team we love to love.


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