Sunday, April 15, 2012

You Know What? Why Not?! Let's Bring Those Brooms Out in Philly!!

It's nice to watch the Mets look so good against Philly, beating them 5-0 on Saturday, while decked out in Mets gear in Philly. More on that coming Monday morning. However many hours I can sleep right now I'm takin'. 

But I like the team I see forming in front of me. These Metropolitans are building some swagger, some camaraderie and are letting the rest of the league know they are legit. I think they are legit. They think the are legit. And they should. I don't think this is a first two weeks fluke going on right now. I believe in the 2012 Mets...You know how that old saying goes....No need to repeat it.

Can Mike Pelfrey bring his A+ game today against this guy and the rest of the Phillies? We shall see.

But for now? David Wright. ARE YOU KIDDIN' ME?!?!?!

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