Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hey, Reyes! Remember When YOU Were Breaking Mets Records?

In one of the faster-paced ballgames of the year, the Mets defeated the Marlins 5-1 on a historic night for Mets baseball.

Before any of us knew it, it was the eighth inning and less than two hours had passed since the first pitch. The fast pace of both Mark Buehrle and RA Dickey was thoroughly discussed before the game, and sure enough, both pitchers lived up to those expectations. At one point, I counted only 10 seconds for RA between knuckleballs. And boy, was that knuckleball knucklin'.

In yesterday's game post, I completely forgot to mention how awesome Johan was, so there was no way I could go another game without mentioning the great starting pitching. RA was excellent, and after a bad go-around through the rotation for just about everybody, it's nice to have stoppers who can rebound and get everyone back on track. Dickey had a great feel for his signature pitch, and other than one he left up to Omar Infante, who absolutely crushed it, he had the entire Marlins line-up off-balance all night long. He's also got some fantastic reflexes.

My fist pumped so high while at work when David Wright hit the go-ahead home run, passing Darryl Strawberry to become the all-time Mets leader in RBIs. The small crowd on another chilly night loved it as well, and they got raucous after the home run, their loudness amplified over my headset. Listening on the radio, I was picturing how fitting the image must be watching David Wright trot by Jose at short while on his way to taking that record.  It took me a while to get on the David Wright bandwagon, but I now fully understand what he means to this organization. After 8 years in the league, he is exactly the veteran leadership this team needs, and I see no scenario where David Wright doesn't get an extension with this ball club.

Other takeaways from this game:
  • He didn't get a hit and struck out twice, but Kirk Nieuwenhuis keeps factoring into decisions. It was his takeout slide that aided in Jose Reyes overthrowing 1st on a double play attempt, leading to an extra out and Wright's home run. Love it.
  • You knew Reyes was bound to get a hit against us at some point, but luckily his speed was rendered obsolete as Bobby Parnell struck out Hanley Ramirez with Jose running. It was a funny image watching Thole's ball sail past a slowed down Reyes into center field while the rest of the Orange and Blue began their trot back to the dugout.
  • It was noticeable a little bit ago, but The Duda is starting to come out of his early season funk. The swing is shorter, he's having great at-bats and look for him to really heat up soon.
  • Just when I say Mike Baxter doesn't belong, he looks like a hitter. He may never be the most talented guy on the field, but he will always give everything he's got, and that particular play was a nice piece of hitting.
Jon Niese will look to continue this great starting pitching when he takes on Ricky Nolasco and the Marlins today at 1:10

There's some smelly Fish on the floor, you guys. Let's sweep them up.


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