Friday, April 27, 2012

Absolutely NO WAY We'd Let Reyes High-Five on Our Field

An unbelievably thrilling 9th inning led to a 3-2 Homegrown-Mets win, sweeping the Store-Bought Marlins out of town.

What can you say about Turner's At-Bat? I was pacing back and forth at work, exclaiming after every foul ball. He laid off all the breaking pitches and didn't let the strikes go by him. Fantasic. I went to softball with a smile on my face rather than an "Oh Well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad." I woulda been lying to myself, however. In this instance, coming off of that Giants series and with the heightened emotions of Reyes returning, I feel it was sweep or bust. Awesome.

And props to Ramon Ramirez for 2 scoreless innings.

I am traveling to Denver this weekend to see some friends, some family, and some Mets. Saturday and Sunday I will be at Coors Field. I want a 14 on the left side of the column by the time I get home. Keep it up, Orange and Blue.


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