Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Dawn

I headed into this morning, as I have done all the late nights I finish with work recently, tired and just wanting to go home as I gear up for vacation this weekend. I didn't want to write, and if I were to write about the Mets soon, it would be when I woke up near or an hour before midday, and write then, since they next play at 7 tonight. I'd even watch all I missed with my eyes that my ears picked up, to see what exactly happened in the almost calamitous 9th inning, digest it, go to sleep and write tomorrow.

But then I read Greg Prince Pledge Allegiance.

And I feel I don't need to write too much, and just let him speak for all of us.

 Mandatory Credit: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports
It is strange that the last 2 posts I have written were inspired by the folks of Faith and Fear in Flushing, but Greg, in these wee pre-dawn hours, alerted me and us to the fact the 9th inning allowed for the "echoes" of history with a 5-3 win, the same score as the Mets 1st clinching World Series Victory. It didn't register with me the first time around, even if a lot of the talk on both the radio and TV was about the 1969 matchup between the two teams facing each other, the New York Metropolitans and the Baltimore Orioles. So, I appreciate Greg bringing it to my attention.

And I appreciate being on the dawn of the rest of this season. I have not written nearly as often as past years, especially my inaugural season of 2012, when I'm pretty sure I wrote every day. Greg's piece is short and sweet, and just what that game needed from Faith and Fear in Flushing's perspective. I'm sure Greg was tired when he published the article at 2:55am, but he still got it done. So, I thank you, Greg, for reminding me that it doesn't matter how much you write, just as long as you're writing everyday.

KEEP. ON. PUSHIN'. as I like to say these days...



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