Saturday, May 16, 2015

I've Got the Orange & Blues This Mornin'...

Thursday night, or Friday morning rather, I was wallowing in my Metsian Sadness...well, frustration and anger more so...after having ranted and raved during my break on the Rising Apple Report. I saw that the delayed Nats Padres game was still going on...and the Padres had an 8-1 lead! That quickly turned to 8-2, which prompted this tweet:
Twitter has its pros and cons, but one of the pros, I must say, is the connectability fans can have to the figures they follow, in whatever medium those figures are in. For instance, I was impressed with the Padres announcers, Ted Leitner and Bob Scanlan, and decided to let them know in-game:
The second I pressed the "tweet" button, I saw and responded to the following:
With the score what it was, I turned off the game and put B.B. King on.

I can only attempt to describe what Blues Boy has meant to my life, and it probably didn't hit me until the moment I heard he was dead. What's the most amazing is that, for someone who was known for his blues guitar playing, it's his VOICE and the power of those lungs that really got me. What a musician and artist.

You'll be missed, B.B.

I settled into the B.B. marathon, and got a response from the crew in S.D.

I gave them props once more, though I was honest about my priorities, while also putting in a request:

They did. With a Wil Clark reference included to boot.
I am sad that he is gone, though it is fitting to be listening to the Blues as we all shake our collective heads. I generally have a solid dose of the Blues mixed into my Pandora playlist, but it had been a while since I had the Blues, and listened exclusively to that genre/station/artist. And I've been basically just listening to B.B. for the last 24 hours.

The Mets lost 7-0.

And the Nats won 10-0.

Half a game it is.

I've got the Orange & Bluuuuuuues
Oh, GIRL! You know I do!...


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