Thursday, April 30, 2015

Trying to Get to 12 After All These Years

Last night was the first time all season I turned off a game.

I was on my break when I heard Howie Rose utter the words, "It's gone..." referring to Ichiro's HR that made it a much less manageable 7-3, which was the final score. At that moment, I shut the application down that was feeding me the radio frequency. Clearly, no matter how good and how well-positioned the Mets have put themselves after this 15-7 start, none of us were gonna last the whole year without at some point having that feeling that we didn't want to deal with this thing called Mets baseball anymore for the night.

The 2010 New York Mets raked off 8 games in a row to bring them to a record of 39-28, 11 games over .500, the last win being a 4-0 win over the Yankees. On their first chance to get to 12 games over .500, they lost 5-3 at an afternoon game in the Bronx.

The next chance they had to go 12 games over, they lost 6-5 to the Tigers at Citi Field. Jose Valverde got the save.

Then, next chance they had, they lost 6-0 to the Twins at home.

They lost 10-3 to the Marlins to drop to 43-33.

The 2009 team had really been nowhere near that far over .500. Other than a half-assed flirtation in 2012, they haven't been this close since.

I don't bring this up to stir the doom-and-gloom pot, because in 2010, that was the last gasp before the death blow of the Minaya era. I think it's clear here we're much better set up to begin some semblance of sustained success.

That number, however, has been evasive.

We couldn't break the franchise record, instead staying tied with the others who went to 11.

Lately, after raking off 11 in a row, we haven't been able to push passed 10 over.

Now, though 4.5 up on ATL, 5 up on MIA, 6 up on WASH, and 7.5 up on PHI, we stand 15-7 as we enter another crucial series against the Washington Nationals, who, along with the Marlins, may be finding a groove.

We're a losing team on the road at 5-6. We're 10-0 at home.

The defense up the middle, as we feared, has been suspect. And along with better play from opponents, the injury holes might finally be catching up a bit.

Still, I've never been more confident in the ability of this team. They need to continue to feed off our rally cries, which should once more be loud again for the 2nd homestand.

It's time to push forward passed 12.

Time to put our feet on the necks of these opponents before they're able to stumble up.

After all these years, it's about damn time.


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