Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Oh, What to Do at Shortstop?

Yesterday, the Star Ledger's Jorge Castillo reported that the Mets have reached out to Rafael Furcal, which totally makes sense, even if that's not the direction I hope they go.

It's the time of year where we are going to hear a bunch of "reached out to" and "met with" as everybody tries to fill the blank pages of the ever-darker-colder days of the non-baseball year.

And as Danny Abriano and I over at Rising Apple wrote, Stephen Drew or Jhonny Peralta make more sense than the declining range and overall skill of "I-actually-wasn't-born-in-the-80's-like-I-originally-made-you-believe" Furcal.

Ruben Tejada impressed me for a time with how well he was at getting the barrel of the bat to the ball and line-driving it, but then all of a sudden he took his security for granted and apparently drew the ire of the Mets folks with a bad work ethic. That's not cool, dude.

Us Mets fans got spoiled when Jose Reyes was the shortstop for 9 seasons, but a defensive-sounded .250 hitter with grit, ala Rafael Santana, isn't a bad route to go. So, Stephen Drew could make a lot of sense, though he should have hit better over the course of his career (right?)

Clearly, it's not just Mets fans who give up too easily on a player like Ruben, but no offense to the kid, we need to shore up the long-term solution sooner rather than later, and if you haven't figured out over the course of 3 seasons that you need to work hard to not only get better everyday but KEEP your job as well, then I don't know what to tell you, Tejada. As I said on a Rising Apple Report podcast recently, it would behoove him to get some Winter Ball ABs after he fully heals from his broken leg injury.

Anyway, I have to take my lil sis to school and then write the Rising Apple Eric Young, Jr. Season in Review.

Here's a Morning Random Song (since I already posted a Late-Night one...)

(Alright...maybe not so Random this time...)

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