Thursday, October 10, 2013

Can We Finally Stop With the Pessimism, Please?! (Uh...METSimism?...)

The ironic part of me calling out the pessimistic aura that radiates from the fanbase is that it's basically the same way they are only looking at the awful stuff that has gone on with this team over the last decade (or 5...)

Just in the same way "everything sucks," I am only looking at the negative aspect of the fanbase, when in reality there are plenty of fans who "believe" or at least don't claim to know "as fact" what is going to happen this offseason.

Nobody accepts mediocrity. I am just not going to let it make me bitter. Life is too short and you never know when you are gonna go, so why harp on the 88 losses? Why not love the fact baseball gives you a chance to still have 70-something wins in a losing season? That's one of the beauties of the game, that it is played everyday and gives us the opportunity to soak in the beauty of the sport on a more consistent basis.

Listen, I may sound like a broken record. And sure, some people may think I have no legitimacy since I am still only in the first decade of my full-out Mets fandom, and if we want to go back farther, I haven't even reached 20 years in my all-out baseball fandom, having gained an obsession for it in 1998.

But I believe a large portion of this fanbase needs to check themselves, take a breath, relax and let the offseason play out before claiming they know nothing is going to get better.

Everybody has had an eye on 2014.

Yes. The Wilpons timed it so they had to start paying loans back NOW on Citi Field.

The last 6 years have been the perfect storm. They leveraged everything to build that park expecting Madoff money to be there, and all the while they had a general manager who didn't have a grasp on how to not let everything crash to the ground baseball-wise at the same time.

Money, however, is coming off the books. None of us truly have an idea of what the Wilpons' money situation looks like, though there are writers out there who have done their due diligence when it comes to researching and talking to the appropriate people to at least get a better public idea of what it looks like.

I'm sure the Wilpons are refinancing. And there is nothing we can do about them wanting to keep the team in the family.

At least they aren't a tyrant like Jim Dolan who fires a security guard for not recognizing him when he is hardly in the public eye anyway.

(And basketball and the way the NBA is run is a WHOLE 'nother conversation for a WHOLE 'nother day.)

They have turned the farm system to one of the worst in baseball to one they can be proud of, with only 2 teams in the system under .500 last year. So, this could play out in the trade market.

They have huge contracts coming off the books, and even after they pay their arbitration-eligible players, they will have money to spend.

They aren't talking about dropping the payroll to A's or Rays numbers here, people.

So, yeah, we're frustrated that we see a lotta Red in the playoffs, and some Yellow, and some Navy-with-Orange, and some Blue with no combination of Orange included ('cause that Blue historically hates that color when combined with Black...)

But every team has to start somewhere when the foundation was not that firm in the first place.

Let's sit back, relax, and enjoy that you're an American who has been lucky enough to have the instinct of loving this game of baseball with Orange and Blue blood pumping through your veins, finally arriving at the offseason everyone has been pointing towards.

I am anticipating the next few months with baited breath.

I hope for your sake and the sake of your stress that you can do the same.


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