Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Breaking Through the 5-run Stigma

For 30 Citi Field Games, the Mets run total per each didn't creep higher than 5.

I hadn't been listening as I was in class at the start and then headed over to a friend's place who could honestly care less about the game of baseball, much less the Mets (though he does where a black fitted Mets cap around town, and has no idea what anybody is talking about when strangers say, "What's going on with the Mets, man?")

Though it all meant that rain had delayed the game, I was still happy to be able to catch what was left when myself, my friend and his girlfriend all basically had a communal work session. Clearly, that meant one earbud would bring me the rest of the game, and it was quite the time to be tuning in, with the Mets breaking through for a 7-run 7th.

Much needed laugher at the place they call the Field of the Citi.

I can't tell you enough how impressive it is to see some unfamiliar names go out there and compete with this National League, and they've been doing so for a solid stretch of games lately.

I'd like to single out Anthony Recker, who does not get a lot of playing time but always seems to contribute when he does, even with a .182 AVG. The 10 hits he's been able to collect have also produced 10 RBI, including 3 HR, 1 of which got the scoring started in the 5th. I like his short, compact swing, and would like to see it more considering John Buck has played waaaaaaaay too much,  which may be one of the reasons he's in such a deep hitting funk.

We are used to seeing the Mets have fantastic 1st halves only to falter by July. Why not have a season where that trend is turned on its head?


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