Monday, June 24, 2013

The Kid from New Brunswick

Though the charge entered the Metsian Atmosphere the day 2 wins went to Harvey and Wheeler, the offense has had a new look with Eric Young, Jr. at the top of the lineup, a trade Sandy Alderson announced immediately after those doubleheader games Tuesday. Since then, all the New Jersey native has done is hit .364 at the top of that lineup, helping to spark 1 more win in ATL and a 2 out of 3 weekend in Philadelphia. He never excelled at this level in Colorado and he most likely won't continue to slug at a .500 clip and get on base at a .417 percentage, but the timing might be perfect for the Mets' success and for the kid's career.

It was a fun weekend, though Saturday, a game I recapped, was annoying. Yeah, they blew it after an exciting 6-run comeback, but that 6-run comeback was something this team just wasn't capable of doing earlier in the season. 

The last week has brought some good signs that this team won't be as listless as they had been earlier, and maybe, just maybe, the season will be a bizarro version of the Mets usual campaign, one that involves an exciting 1st half only to see some of the worst 2nd halves we've ever seen.

Maybe, just maybe, the last week is not an anomaly.

OH. And something I haven't said on here in a while, though it is slightly redundant 'cause we are all aware...


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