Monday, June 3, 2013

So, What Am I Supposed to Say Here?

I've gone over and over it verbatim this year.

And yesterday's Scott Rice incident is just another brick in the Fire Terry Collins foundation.

I really don't want to hammer the point home.

The above link, which Danny Abriano posted on Rising Apple pretty soon after the sweep at the hands of the Marlins was complete, pretty much says it all (and rationally, I might add....a phrase I am now realizing as I see it in front of me makes no sense...MIGHT add? I just did add it...but I digress...)

It's cliché for me to say, 'cause it's clearly been said over and over since yesterday, but we got Ike to thank for the silver lining to all this.

Keep it up, Ike.

But don't keep the rest of it up, Metsies.

Talent around him or no talent around him, bad decisions are bad decisions and...

WAIT! I said I was NOT going to hammer the Terry Collins point home!

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