Saturday, May 25, 2013

Suspended Disbelief

One thing about following on Gameday is, like the olden days when hoards of people would follow in places like Times Square on an manually updated, diamond-shaped scoreboard, you don't get the full story. You have to wait for the written word, or in our modern day case, the videos to pour into the Gameday app.

Last night, such was the case as the Mets came back all night to tie the Braves before rain suspended it after 8 at 5-all. When I saw that Lucas Duda singled in the 1st run, and I went, "good for him!" I didn't know how much of a blooped, misplayed single it was (but you'll take 'em where ya get 'em, amiright?) When John Buck homered, it might as well have been just over the wall, as opposed to the mammoth shot that it was. There is a level of anticipation in seeing the whole Metsian story as it rolls in after the fact, and that's cool. But certainly no substitute for the real thing.

The Mets did a great job showing life all night by coming back a few times against one of their arch-rivals. 

Now, they've gotta win the damn thing. 

And luckily I'll be able to watch both the (hopefully) last inning of last night's game (capped with a Mets win) followed by tonight's 2nd game of the 3-game set.

That'll be awesome.

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