Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I'm really enjoying these Gameday viewings (when they win)

Until I start screenwriting courses Monday through Thursday in June, I am working at the Ninth Ave Vintner in Hell's Kitchen to begin the week. More often than not these days, MLB Gameday on the At Bat App is the way the Mets enter my consciousness. A lot of times, I'll have to walk away for a bit, and I arrive back pleasantly surprised by a headline like "Marlon Byrd homers."

Unfortunately, the in-the-moment joy I felt arriving back to that headline was just that: fleeting. Other headlines that involve Reds homering were more prevalent on Monday evening, and the Mets did what they do, which is lose 4-3 with the tying run left on 2nd in the 8th.

Apparently, there was some home plate umpire shenanigans. I don't understand the stubbornness of some of these umpires (well, because I'm only human I totally understand it, but come on.) The ones whose egos aren't overblown have the priority to get the right call. That should be everybody's priority involved in calling the game. That should be MLB's priority, not protecting these men. I haven't see any specific play that is in question, but I know all too well how unaccountable the umpiring system seems to be. Something must be done, other than just some form of expanded replay.

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