Monday, April 22, 2013

Pleasantly surprising.

Yesterday, I spent the whole 2-0 win listening to Howie and Josh. I think it was the first time this year the radio was my only form of tuning in. Though "conniption" is the 1st word that comes to mind when Scott Rice looked as if the whole series was gonna blow up in our faces, but surprisingly the breaks are breaking the Metsie way right now and Jayson Werth swung at a 3-0 pitch, erasing 2 men from the 2nd and 3rd, no out situation.

And then whattya know? Bobby Parnell had plays made behind him and finally collected a less-than-3-run save.

Glad to see Gee have such a fantastic outing. The Nats might not be playing up to what we know they're capable of, but they're still the Nats, and his outing was much needed with the back-end of the rotation so iffy right now.

OH! AND we finally saw the on-field incarnation of what David Wright wore to his presser. The Mets are finally getting consistent with their uni picks, and I like that they've decided the Orange and Blue hat will only be worn at home and during the day. I like it.

A nice time for an off-day, though we at Rising Apple will have the podcast going on at 6:30PM EST (more on that later.)

For now, enjoy your Monday Mornings (as best you can).

Here's a Random Song of the Day.

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