Friday, March 1, 2013

The Half-Televised Game with Rafael Montero

A lot of us were able to watch the Nats TV feed of last night's 4-4 10-inning tie, either on MLB Network or MLB.TV. If you missed any of the game, check in with Matt Musico over at Rising Apple for a recap and his thoughts on it all.

The most interesting item from the game, for me, was 22-year-old Rafael Montero. The Mets- coaches, front office and players alike- have been raving about this kid for a long time, and it was the first I ever got to see his stuff. Very impressive. He will begin the year in AA and will most likely be in the minors the whole time, but a September call-up is not out of the question (unless he breezes through everyone and forces the organization to speed his process up, but I'm looking towards the 6th month of the season for Montero's Citi Landfall.)

There were plenty of other things from the game that drew my attention (besides, generally, the Mets and baseball) but I can't really get into detail about it all right now. So, please (once again) head over to Rising Apple, for Matt Musico has got you all covered.

This song is randomly stuck in my head this morning. Probably 'cause Silver Linings Playbook is for some reason randomly stuck in my head (for those of you who saw the film, you understand the tune reference.) It's a really beautiful rendition (not to say the original folk version isn't fantastic as well, but this one gets me.)

It's just a really, really well-written song.


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