Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Random Rock 'n' Roll Show Continues

After posting this AC/DC video on Friday, I kept exploring others from one of the tightest bands in the history of any genre. The next video I put on was the following Paris concert from 1979. I mostly listened to it since I was busy, but every so often when I would hear an interview begin, I would flip on over to indulge in a side of all the musicians I have rarely seen. 

Bon Scott, the original lead singer of the band before his passing in 1980, fascinates me. I want to learn more about the man, for he seems to be one of the most interesting men that I will certainly never have a chance to meet on this Earth. 

Some might be like, "Seriously, Sam? BON SCOTT? What about Galileo, or Abraham Lincoln, or Jack Kerouac?"

Yeah, definitely list those guys, too.

To me, everything about Bon Scott, how he presented himself to the world (good and bad), draws you in every moment he is in your eyesight.

(Not to mention the others that aid in completely altering your idea of what a live show can be.)

If you have not savored enough of the band AC/DC was with Bon Scott as the frontman, or you have savored it enough and know that enough is NEVER enough...


Watch the following Concert Film on loop.

Also, one more thing...

This is the first post I have written on my brand new Macbook
Pro. I'm pumped. I'm real pumped. Very excited for the expanded capabilities I now have. Not really having time to explore it earlier, I have come home from my Saturday night plans eager to begin the next era in my personal computer history.

Slightly ridiculous, I know.

Anyway, to all those out there already home from your night out, and of course, those that never left (like most of my Saturday nights...)

I hope the following Concert Film enhances your current world.
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