Thursday, February 21, 2013

The First Mets Legacy Photo of the Day

Just now, while looking through an old collection of photos of the Giants and Dodgers (and some early Mets) I decided to start a new segment here at Converted Mets Fan called the Mets Legacy Photo of the Day. I may or may not make this a daily occurrence, but I have enough to certainly post a few of them a week.

The first one comes to us from Life Magazine; A photo of the left field stands of Ebbets Field, reminiscent of Citi Field in the Septembers.


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  1. Plenty of good seats still available. (Wouldn't that be something if they still were?)

    1. I would be floored if the powers that be hadn't given the ownership over to the Kratter Corporation and we still played in a renovated Ebbets Field. But that isn't how it was done in 1960. Out with the Old, in with the New was the motto until it reached a climax with the demise of the original Penn Station. In this day and age, not only would we keep a relic around like that, but if they were to have turned it into apartments, the style would have incorporated the facade into the architecture of the base, and it would be the coolest apartment building ever.

      (I once had a dream about it like that.)