Tuesday, February 5, 2013

That Spring Feeling Starts a-Callin'

Though pitchers and catchers don't officially report till next Monday, the usual early birds are makin' us a little warmer than the 20-something degrees it is currently.

Mr. Met has done his annual photo-op.

Zack Wheeler is already throwing down there.

David Wright is in the cages.

Gee sans a winter goatee is workin' back into game shape.

John Buck is gettin' some swings in as well.

And Travis d'Arnaud is stoked to get things going.

Meanwhile, Ike sounds refreshed.

Michael Bourn has yet to sign, though our captain extended an invite.

Our man Tejada is reporting to PSL early (as opposed to last year) and Jenrry and Jeurys's roles are more defined.

...I can almost smell the grass through the occasional flurries that pass by...

(Oh, and Danny Abriano got an interview with Michael Fulmer, a prospect we are all keeping an eye on.)

Here's the Random Song of the Night.

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