Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Home Slump Continues. Wow.

As I've been saying a bunch recently, this game was not in my immediate consciousness. It's tech week for us Fools, so my eyes won't be seeing much actual baseball (unless there's a day game. Is there a day game this week?.....No, there's no day game this week.) It's All About the At Bat. I would check in and they would have something "going", but then remarkably the hits that were there earlier in the year are no longer (no really. REMARKABLE. This whole 3 wins at home since the All-Star Break is pretty unfathomable. It feels like only 3 wins, right? I don't feel like counting it now. It will only depress us that much more.)

I have not read anything about the game. I know not whether there was a controversial call or two. I know not whether errors were made that led to some of the baserunners driven in or whether there were awesome plays made that only said "so and so makes the catch" on my phone. I only know that all the runs came on the homer. Frankly, I don't need to read anything about it right now. I need to only move on to the next game (Let's. Go. R. A.) and pray that they finish ahead of the Marlins because of that $100 bet I made with a (Yankee fan) friend before the Marlins signed Jose that the Mets would finish ahead of the Marlins again. They should. They are a better team. (The Phillies beat them tonight, right?...yeah, they did. 'Cause they're beating everyone right now.)

We can try to explain all we want what is wrong with the offense. The 24/7 cycle leads us to over-analyze and micro-magnify every move these players make. But nothing can really explain it. Other teams are just playing a really hard game that much better than the 2012 New York Mets.

I'm gonna go to sleep. I'm exhausted.

Keep the Fire Department and Police Officers in your mind today.

Celebrate life. And


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