Saturday, September 8, 2012


It's games like this one that make me want to post only the numbers, which show that the Mets got Zero Hits with Runners in Scoring Position. So, instead of posting only the numbers, I'm just gonna talk about how games like this make me want to do no more than numerically show how inept the Mets were.

I especially want to post only this when the game is not in my immediate consciousness. I was rehearsing for Big Bad Baseball Gypsy's play called, "The Zeal of the Zealot." I can't go more than one inning checking up on the Mets on the At Bat. I keep thinking the score will be reversed, that the Mets will be on top with a huge home run while I've turned my attention away from it. Every time I check it, however, it is the same, familiar letters we've seen at home and against the Braves.

I'm just crazy.

I didn't even realize until I went looking for photos that Uggla hit his Home Run off Mejia, by the way.

And they've lost the first game of around 8 striaght home series.


Oh, well. Let's bounce back tomorrow and kick Larry and his Braves in the balls.


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