Friday, September 14, 2012

A Rhyme for your Time in a Metsian State of Mind

With all the Verse around me
In the show put on by Fools
I had the inclination
To break all the sound prose rules.

I might not follow each and
Every scheme the Gypsy says
But I think most of you care as much
As you care about Ollie Perez.

We're not here to go over the rules
of the Iambic Pentameter
We're here to speak of our own Mets
The team we hold so dear.

What is it that makes every weakness
Be exploited all at once?
That's what we've seen in this 2nd half
That's led us to all fuss.

Four wins at home
It doesn't make sense
Track records normally show
You play winning baseball here at home
Aim for .500 on the road.

Is it the energy that Davey says 
Is like a freakin' morgue?
Could it be that the lack of fans
Has players feeling sore?

How could it be
An over-achieving team
Could fall so fast?
Why can't there be a middle ground
Instead of trying to avoid being last?

Some say certain players aren't tough enough
And while that might be true
It's not as black and white
As fans and media have in their view.

There are several different factors
Some we certainly cannot see
We may think they're crystal clear to us
But there's no way they can be.

I wish I had the answers
We all wish that we did
Some of us wish the Wilpons
Would let more of us make bids.

To some it is as simple as them
Giving up their pride and joy
They see a father and his son
Playing with the team like a toy.

But if they can recover
I say more power to them
I'd love for the Redemption Song
To include the Wilpon's Gems.

But who knows how the story will go
We didn't see this coming
We thought after the fantastic start
They'd still be in the running.

But they did what they tend to have done
Way too often over 50 years
It certainly makes it easy
For the next rhyme to include "tears."

But one day it will turn around
I know it's hard to believe
Even when the mantra of this franchise
Has been to keep "believe" up our sleeve.

I haven't been to a game in weeks
The one with Collin McHugh
I'm trying to go next Tuesday Eve
As they come home to bid us Adieu.

Regardless how this season has gone
I will certainly be upset
No matter how fed up you all get
Say it with me now...


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