Friday, August 17, 2012

Discussing the Vintage as the Modern Becomes Vintage as Well

It was just after Ruben Tejada pop flied to 1st in the top frame that the TV went off, and that was the last the clubhouse's collective conscious experienced of the Mets Reds game until the 6th. We were happy to be distracted, as we sat listening to a Q & A with the author of a Biography of the Greatest Manager the Mets have ever had: Gil Hodges. While we listened to Jay Goldberg and Danny Peary discuss The Hodges Affect on two generations of NY National League teams, his legacy got somethin' goin' against the Reds, with their fresh star pitcher on the mound shutting down the New Big Red. Oh yeah, and Art Shamsky was there, unannounced.


I keep saying it and it bears repeating: If you haven't been to the Bergino Baseball Clubhouse run by Jay Goldberg, you are missing out on some sweet baseball fandom. On top of the awesome collection of specialty baseballs, baseball art and great little trinkets Jay has, every one of the events that I have traveled to has been mind blowing, including a fantastic book discussion of Campy and a baseball art exhibit for Left Field Cards. Do yourself a favor and go to their website up there, and get on these mailing lists for some awesome baseball discussions. I have not read tonight's book about Gil yet, but based on everything said about Mr. Hodges, I'm sure there will be some lessons for me to take that will make me better at what I do. For someone whose softball number is 14, I don't know nearly enough about the guy. I look forward to the read and I look forward to meeting you all back here after.

The discussion wrapped up in the top of the 6th inning, after listening to the writer interview Art (he's got a baseball clinic in September you guys should take a look at.) The TV was back on while we all stood around talking baseball, and a welcoming 4-0 lead greeted us. And then it grew bigger. And then it was the bottom of the 6th and I could see, based on the hit total and the pitch count, that our boy had been pitching fantastically. As the crowd dwindled down, a couple of us stayed till the end of The Show, where we shook our heads and laughed in disgust at the circus act that is the Mets Bullpen. They wrapped it up and I have the game recorded. I'm gonna go watch it till the 6th inning. I'd like to see what it is that I missed.


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