Monday, August 6, 2012

A Sour Note to an Otherwise Solid Road Trip

Well, Matt Harvey didn't have it (but I was still impressed with how he was able to limit the damage.) The offense couldn't get anything going off that Staten Island native and the bullpen (I mean Ramon Ramirez) allowed tack-on runs as we chipped away, and we lost 3-7. Oh, well. Not how we wanted the San Diego weekend to go, but after a 1-12 or whatever it was stretch, we'll take a 6-5 road trip. 

Enjoy the day off before the stripped down Marlins and that Jose Reyes character come to town.


(If you are not a South Park watcher, please, do so. Yes, it can be crude, but it is also one of the best written shows ever. Great narrative, fantastic characters, and even some solid lessons along the way. Don't let it's crudeness turn you off. Click a random episode on their full episode website and see where it takes you. South Park is one of my favorite things ever and has gotten better with time. Sorry. This became a South Park Blog for a brief second.)

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