Thursday, August 30, 2012

8 Men Up and 8 Men Down

It's extremely rare we get to say something like that. I can't remember ever saying it this year. But Josh Edgin, Robert Carson, Jon Rauch and Frank Francisco did just that to lock down the 3-2 win for Matt Harvey, The Duda and the Mets. The work of the bullpen the last week or so has been extremely refreshing for this entire fanbase.

Matt Harvey once again showed his guts by pitching well without his best stuff. He wiggled out of a few jams, with some excellent plays made behind him, including a key double play by Tejada and Murph (seriously!? No video of that awesome turned-2?) and The Duda going with the ball, making an over-the-shoulder catch to get out of 5th inning trouble. He also stole a base, and went 2 for 4 with 2 very important RBI on the go-ahead 2-run homer. It's such a beautiful swing when he's on. Backman apparently worked real hard down on the Farm to get Lucas to believe in himself. It has paid dividends, so far. Certainly, The Duda gets our Abider of the Game (yeah, I know "abider" isn't a word, but neither was "abide" before somebody created it. So, whatever. I think I'll give it out after every remaining win.)

Oh, yeah. and Harvey got his 6th hit in 12 at bats, driving in the 1st run of the game, his 3rd RBI in the Majors. We have a DH every 5th day.

Looking forward to going for the Phillie sweep once more this afternoon.


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