Sunday, July 1, 2012

GET THAT Runner Over! Nice.

The Mets continued to soar and the Dodgers continued to wilt. Santana was fantastic, The Mets offense efficient, and after taking their 4th in a row by a score of 5-0, they look to clinch a winning 1st half with a W today.

What most impressed me about the way the Mets went about their business last night was the fact the 1st 2 runs came of sacrifice flies. They would get a runner into scoring position with no out, move him over to 3rd with a productive ground out or fly ball, then hit a sacrifice into the outfield with ease. Strict Fundies. And with a combination of the way Santana pitched and the Dodgers' current lack of punch, all the Mets had to do was manufacture a couple of runs and have their sluggers wait for a high fastball to rake into the stands. Ike, The Duda and Wright, when all cylinders are clicking, are the perfect middle-of-the-order bats. Without too much team speed, it is vital as the summers wears on that these bats stay hot, so we aren't always playing base-to-base. They have been running more lately, with Torres finally finding his legs, but still. Our offense with more power produces quite the images in my brain of what could be. We should never DEPEND on the power the way other teams have, but we clearly need a couple batters to knock over 20 out. Looks like Ike and The Duda will do that, and David Wright might just follow suit as well.

Tonight, on paper, is the most difficult game the Mets will play in LA. Dillon Gee vs. Clayton Kershaw is not the ideal match-up, no offense to Gee. If we win, we guarantee we're still over .500 going into the break. If we were to win today and lose every game we play against Phillie and Chicago, we'd still be 2 games over going to Kansas City. Lose today, and we're 6 games over with the possibility we could be back to .500 just in time for the 4 days off. With the way the Dodgers have been playing, a win is most certainly possible. Why am I thinking in short-term Doomsday scenarios? I don't know. Just looking ahead to every possible outcome. Clearly, I hope they win out and move on up the standings. Regardless, I am proud to call this 2012 New York Mets team my ball club, and I look forward to them wrapping the road trip up tonight at 8:00PM with a win before heading back home for the holiday week.


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