Saturday, June 16, 2012

What Did Jason Bay Do to Piss Off the Fates?

Jay Bruce slapped the baseball off the low and outside corner of the plate towards the left field corner. Jason Bay ran back towards the quick-falling ball. He went in for the dive, missed the ball and slid towards the wall head first. The ball got away from him as he struggled to get up, looking disoriented as he hobbled to the baseball. Jay Bruce trucked around 3rd as Bay threw the ball in, grabbing his knees with both his hands afterwards. Once Bruce crossed the plate on an inside-the-park home run, Terry Collins and trainer Ray Ramirez immediately ran out for what was most likely another concussion for Jason Bay.

The big story of this game could have been the lack of sharpness from Dillon Gee, or Jeremy Hefner's inefficiency after Kirk Nieuwenhuis' 3rd home run of the week, or Scott Hairston continuing to put us back into games with 2-run shots. But the continuing sadness of Jason Bay's Mets career is all that can be said about this game. Forget about how messed up his swing has been all these years. Every time we talk about him maybe breaking out, he goes and breaks his rib or slams his head on an all-out effort play. While the excess outfielder problem works itself out, Jason Bay's career in in serious jeopardy. And we're not talking about a Bobby Bonilla type free agent signing where he's probably not a good guy and doesn't hustle at all. Jason Bay seems to be by all accounts as nice a guy as you could ever meet in baseball, and I have never seen him dog it out of the box or in the outfield. He's an easy guy to root for, and a couple days ago I said to myself it would be so awesome to see Jason Bay break out after all this time. The complete opposite happened. What a shame.

After losing to the Reds 3-7, The Mets aim to even up this series tonight at 7:10PM. Our residential southpaw starter, Jon Niese, takes on the right-hander Homer Bailey. We've already won 1 game after losing to the Reds this year. Let's win the next 2.

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