Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sure, I'll Take a 7-hitter.

Funny how the day after I witness that thing that just happened, I am following this game on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, monitoring it via the digital scorecard. The only parts I heard or saw were the 3 ground ball runs produced in the 2nd inning and the Omar Quintanilla-diving stop. Between those two events and a couple moments after, the New York Mets continued to add to their swagger with a 7-hit-complete-game-shutout-5-0-RA-Dickey win. I don't know about you guys, but this is some of the most fun baseball I have ever experienced.

I had a feeling the Cardinals, after getting no-hit by a conventional pitcher, would have a problem with the knuckleballer. He is absolutely dominating right now. And the thing is...I have no disbelief in how far he can go. He is a beast and is just getting better. Believe it.

David Wright's homer over Carlos Beltran's head into the New Mo's Zone was a classic new home run that should have been one when that Cardinals' right fielder was roaming the Citi Field. After cooling down a little, Wright has settled into consistency, and in doing so, the power has arrived. Believe it.

Every Met fan I have heard from has the same feeling after Friday Night that this team's potential has no bounds. Why shouldn't we? We were conditioned to think there would never be a no-hitter, then all of a sudden you're on your way to the ballpark thinking you're going to see a solid pitching match-up in a game that is pivotal to the team's season and they go ahead and make that crazy thing happen. While we still don't believe what just happened, it did happen. 

So, as Johan Santana said, "Believe it."

The 2012 New York Mets. Believe it.

Tonight, The Metropolitans welcome Brooklyn-born John Franco into their Hall of Fame. An ESPN game at 8:05PM, the ceremonies for the induction begin at 7:30. When baseball starts, the Orange and Blue aim to sweep the Red Birds when Jonathon Niese (NYM) 3-2, 4.55 takes on Jake Westbrook (STL) 4-4, 3.86 ERA. This is a huge game for Niese. After No-han and RA, the Cardinals probably can't wait to face regular conventional pitching. With the momentum flowing, Niese has to show us right now what kind of pitcher he is. I want tonight's game, and I want it badly. 

That No-Hitter was step 1 of 5. Believe it.


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