Thursday, June 28, 2012

Now THAT'S What I Call a Rundown!

Maaan, that's exactly what we needed. Solid defense that helps pitching get out of jams. Everyone just demolishing the ball with the help of the Wrigley wind. What a refreshing game to watch on a Wednesday afternoon, when the Mets were soarin' high, sending the ball flyin' to a 17-1 win.

Ain't that a classy image right over there? That guy is a ball player, and when he's not susceptible to the inside breaking pitch, or bumbling around in the infield, Daniel Murphy looks like that. A good ol' professional baseball player. Break on through, Murph.

The most important moment in this game was that 1st inning rundown. Jon Niese had gotten into a pickle with 1st and 3rd and nobody out. After a shallow fly ball to center by prized prospect Anthony Rizzo, Niese caught Starlin Castro off 1st. Castro had no where to go but try to get to 2nd.  Perfectly executed by Ike Davis, Ruben Tejada and Niese, Ike angled out so he wasn't throwing with his left hand into the path of the runner. Each fielder, including Jon Niese, kept full attention to both runners, halting the one 90 feet away from a tie. Props to Niese for beginning that play. I was very happy to see the Mets as alert as they looked there. Seems they needed to get some sun to recharge.

So, apparently we had a home run cycle. I'll tell ya, I didn't notice until somebody said something. First, we had the Daniel Murphy 2-run shot (his 1st home run of the year, and 1st in several millennia of at-bats), then there was Ike Davis' 3-run shot, then it was Murphy's Solo Shot, then A Scottie Hairston Grand Slam. Takin' that jet stream and surfin'. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Thanks, Wrigley.

And David Wright didn't jump on the Home Run Fun, but he did get 5 RBI. Just keeps on hitting.

Let's take this sudden jolt and take advantage of a reeling Dodger team. Let's aim high and put a dagger in their blue-blooded hearts. Let us not be fooled by the Capuano we let go. Trust in our tall one, march on strong and feast our eyes on winning baseball at the break. 

I've been looking forward to some late-night baseball

Bring on the West Coast Swing.


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