Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Knuckler.

What else is there to say? We are witnessing greatness here. What began as the tight pitching match-up we thought we'd see turned into an easy goin', knuckleball watchin' smile fest, as we sat back and enjoyed that knuckleball dance into the final moments of a 9-1 Mets win.

David Price was in a groove in the middle, too. The Mets, however, worked him hard early, and by the 5th inning he was worn down. The Mets broke through (with a Mike Nickeas hit, no less) and it was basically smooth sailing from there.

At one point (and at many points), a batter stood in there with 2 strikes against him. RA set up and threw an 80 mph knuckleball. Nobody knew what it was doing. Mike Nickeas flinched. The batter waited to see what it would do. The knuckleball came in harder than most knuckleballs from past knucklers. The seams floated back and forth, the ball swaying to the left and to the right. It stayed right in the strike zone, freezing the batter and freezing Mike Nickeas, who acted as if he had it the whole time, standing up and throwing down to 3rd.

Watching RA Dickey work pitch to pitch is one of my favorite things ever about baseball.

Johan Santana aims to sweep the Rays, matching up against Jeremy Hellickson at 1:10PM

Lock. It. Down.


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