Thursday, May 31, 2012

When This Bullpen Sucks...

The Mets were primed to take another series from the Phillies, up 3-1 in the 7th. But the bullpen imploded, and the team of Brotherly Love repaid us for their own home 'pen implosion by a score of 6-10.

I wasn't able to watch the whole game, but I did see Bobby Parnell hang that curveball to Carlos "Chooch" Ruiz. One batter before, Brian Schneider sent a ball deep to just the left of center field, a ball I thought Andres Torres had a chance to catch on a good play. Torres stumbled, however, and the ball went over his head for a double. It is a testament to how the game is operated these days that Dillon Gee, who was fantastic, wasn't able to finish that inning. Bobby Parnell still needs to get the job done and have his head in the game at all times, but I would have stuck it out with the kid and let Dillon own that inning. The way the bullpen is used can be overdone these days, and to me, I keep him out there to finish the 7th (though knowing our nature as fans, had Gee faltered, we'd be pissed off at Terry for not going to Parnell in that situation.)

Another 9th, another 1-run deficit turned monstrous. When this bullpen sucks, it's sucks big time.

On the plus side, besides Gee's great performance, Lucas Duda broke out of his power slump some more with 2 home runs, the 1st to give us the lead at 3-1 (which was a good pitch inside he just turned on), the 2nd to open up the 9th, making it 4-10. Abide, Duda.

The Mets have a much needed off-day (as we all do) until they welcome in Carlos Beltran and the Cardinals. Tomorrow night at 7:10PM, Johan Santana will face Adam Wainwright. I am lucky enough to have gotten tickets from my friend with the Mets, and I will be giving Beltran a huge, much deserved standing ovation, as I implore everyone at the game to do so as well (until that Johan pitch arrives at the plate [passed Carlos.])


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