Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Well...Sometimes You Lose 8-0

Well, The Mets lost 8-0. Dillon Gee sucked, the team couldn't get anything goin' against Zack Greinke every time they tried and DJ Carrasco inexpicably got thrown out for tailing a fastball inside to Ryan Bruan after Rickie Weeks homered. Terry Collins was a little knee jerky and took David Wright out of the game, not wanting him to get hit. David Wright looked mad as hell and he wasn't gonna take it anymore and gave Terry Collins a piece of his mind. It all looked as if everybody reacted very emotionally in the moment, from the umpire to Terry to Wright. It was all very fascinating.

I'm off to the Terry Collins WFAN Breakfast so that is all I have to say on this game for now. Let's bounce back when Johan takes on Mike Leake tonight against the Reds at 7:10PM.


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