Monday, May 7, 2012

A Rough Trip by Ruben on an Otherwise Sunny Day

Yesterday, RA Dickey had it goin' on. The knuckleball was dancing and diving, inducing weakly hit baseballs and swings and misses. For a second there, it looked as if we would see the first complete game shutout by a Mets pitcher this year. Unfortunately, RA couldn't get the outs he needed in the 9th, resulting in the Dbacks' only run in a 3-1 Mets win. It was the shortest game of the year at 2 hours and 16 minutes, ending just in time for me to tune into the Knick game. Everything wasn't fantastic, however, with our more than able shortstop, Ruben Tejada, tripping on his way to first, straining his right quad and slamming face first into the ground.

When Ruben went down, I thought he hit his face so hard he stayed down because of whiplash or a concussion. It was a brutal image. Hopefully he is not on the shelf for too long, for the Mets' sake and for the kid's career. I believe it's going to be a very nice one.

If there is anybody I believe could be the first pitcher to throw a no-hitter in Mets history, it is RA Dickey. His starts keep fooling us, and even though we have plenty of experience knowing it most likely will not happen, it's in our nature as fans to dream, ponder and play the next several sequences in our head without the opposition reaching 1st safely. Hit-number-one in his outings keep coming on weakly hit balls, placed perfectly in the green without ever touching leather. This time it happened 1 out into the 4th inning, on a ground-rule double just a foot fair. Johan Santana will pitch the 8,000th game in Mets history this Friday. Can we get a no-hitter in Philly first or will we be rooting on our top three this weekend in Miami to do the unthinkable? Or....Will we go another 8,000 games? Will we ever as human beings stop asking questions that can only be answered by fate and time?

The two-out scoring just keeps on comin'. Watch Murph shorten his swing to go get that up and in pitch. So much fun watching him hit. And nice job by Thole, who has been in a little bit of a slump.

The Mets head into Philly with Jon Niese taking on Doc Halladay tonight at 7:05 PM. Let's make another early statement, Metsies.


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