Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Good Excuse to Go Look at the Lights

Our work softball team played a sick game Friday that we unfortunately lost in the bottom of the 7th, 11-12, after staging a 2-out rally to score 5 in the top half to take the lead by 1. After the game, I turned on my phone-radio as we walked to the subway, hearing Jon Niese give up a walk and a single to open the bottom half of the 1st. It sounded as if he might get out of it by whiffing the next two batters, but he then left a ball over the zone to the Toronto Blue Jays at their Rogers Centre, and you just don't do that. Down 0-3.

We went underground and before I lost service I was able to see that the Mets had scored 1. Sweet. Maybe it will be tied when I go elevated.



By the time we got upstairs, Jon Niese had given up 8 runs and was out of the game. They had already crushed 4 home runs off the guy, and later I found out he just kept throwing the cutter, which was not working, not making any adjustments whatsoever. Looks like Manny Acosta is gonna be the mop-up guy. Great. Let's leave a few more up in the zone.

I saw Acosta give up a 2-run home run to make it 1-10, and at that point our company had arrived. So, I gave up the Mets (at least the televised version) and traveled up to my roof to take a look at this view.

I. Love this town.

A view like that definitely helps take the sting away from the 5-14 loss. I saw Scottie Hairston hit his 3-run opposite-field homer, which was nice to be the only NY team in the last 3 days to score more than 1 run in a game at the Roger (The Yanks scored only 1 in each of their two games right before we arrived in Toronto.) We went out after that and apparently Rob Johnson pitched a 1-2-3 9th inning. Haven't watch that yet. I'm sure I'll see a clip or two.

The Mets try to even the series today at 1:07PM, when "The Handyman" Miguel Batista takes on Brandon Morrow. Let's see as close to a repeat performance as we can get from Miguel. Let's knot this series up.


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