Monday, May 21, 2012

Frankie Walks the Tightrope, But Gets Us Outta Canada On a High Note

The New York Mets got out in front early, and while the Blue Jays tried to come back late, they could not follow through. The Orange and Blue salvaged the series and picked up a much needed 6-5 win heading into Pittsburgh.

The game was close to beginning when my headphones broke as I walked the streets of Manhattan. Heading towards the Trader Joe's on 14th Street near 3rd Avenue, I saw a Radioshack, where I had a warranty on the pair. I jumped in there as the Mets were scoring early, using a walk and a couple of doubles to plate 2 with no out. I grabbed the new pair of headphones and decided to buy a pocket radio. With my phone battery on its last legs, it was needed for the old-fashioned use of it: a call. I also figured it would be nice to have the game without a 30-second or so delay. As I finished the journey to the store, Dillon Gee got into trouble with the first 2 batters, but buckled down, got a couple of strikeouts and a ground-out and was through the 1st unscathed. I went into the Joe's and of course the radio did not receive signal in there. So, I walked around with my lady on the phone while we discussed what we were in need of, and once I got on line, I said goodbye and turned the At-Bat radio on while moving to the front. Howie informed me the score was now 4-1. I moved into the foyer of the store, shut off At-Bat and got my radio ready. There must have been a huge delay on my phone, because once I got outside, Gee was almost done with the bottom of the 3rd. Perfect timing as I came up to the subway entrance, with Josh Lewin informing me the score was now 4-2 on Jose Bautista's solo shot. I went underground hoping real hard the Mets still had the lead when I got elevated.

I finished a chapter of RA Dickey's book (more on that another time) just as the N train exited from the darkness. I turned my new radio on and was very happy to hear not only that the Mets still had the lead, but that they had tacked on and were now ahead 6-2. Good times on the elevated subway.

When did Mike Baxter become the greatest hitter on Earth behind David Wright? He has a fantastic approach up there right now and its one of the best stories from the team this year. He had a chance for the cycle at the end of the game but opted to not start trying to swing for the fences with two on. Hopefully he can stay locked in because it's great to have this kind of hitter off the bench (and one who can keep hitting when he gets random starts.)

Dillon Gee might not have his Goatee anymore, but he did a great job against a team who could have taken him deep a record number of times if he hadn't been locked in. Very nice to see him bounce back.

Frank Francisco could not find the plate early, walking the first 2 batters he faced. The next 3 batters, however, could not square away on anything, and he got them to foul a bunch off and lay off a few before blowing a fastball by all of them. He might not have the best stuff a closer has ever had, but he was much better in this outing against his old team, who could have easily burned him with a home run had his pitches been as hittable as we've seen from him. Huge game for him and a huge game to pick up on our way to the Steel City.

The New York Mets will take on those Pirates tonight at 7:05PM. Johan Santana will take on Erik Bedard. I look forward to a hard-fought series and at least a couple wins.


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