Monday, April 16, 2012

Sign Me Up for 6 out of 9 Any Day

The Mets tried to sweep the Phils on the road Sunday, but alas, could not hold on to a 7th inning lead, falling to the "Brotherly Love" team 2-8.

Personally, I was surprised Mike Pelfrey even made it out of the 2nd inning. But he continues to battle and get big outs, even as he looks like a 6'6" goof out there. Mind you, The Phillies' offense has looked anemic lately, but anemic offenses haven't stopped Pelf from falling off the cliff in the past. That was one positive from the game, on top of Ike Davis looking as if he's putting that slump in the past.

It was a good weekend all around, however, and you take going into Atlanta with a 6-3 record after 9 games. So, brush the loss off, Mets, and in the words of the Terry the Manager:

"We’ll get on the plane, have a sandwich, and get ready for tomorrow.”

(Some errands popped up Sunday Night once I got back in town, so expect a write-up on the Philly trip Tuesday afternoon.)
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